Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story 

On the Croisette in Cannes May 13-24


Eastern Canal Film introduces its freshly completed feature documentary to the industry. Featuring sneak peek images from the film at the Carlton Hotel.      


The La Villa brothers shot ‘Black and White Stripes’ in the Agnelli family homes and were granted interviews with pivotal figures like Agnelli intimate Henry Kissinger and legendary players such as Michel Platini.
— Alex French, The New York Times
The story behind Juventus FC’s rise, demise and resurgence, Elkann said, is one filled with “passion, extreme challenges and tragedy” — including shocking, sudden death.
— Sharon Swart, The Hollywood Reporter
Hang the Dj is by far the best film on global club culture ever made.
— Lisa Verico, The London Times
With loads of hip-hop performances, frantic rave tunes and hypnotic house ditties. Marco and Mauro La Villa’s visual sleight of hand helps give Hang the Dj a distinctive look far removed from stodgy docu form.
— Brendan Kelly, Variety
Legends such as Junior Vasquez (undoubtedly queen bitch of the film), Roger Sanchez, Danny Tenaglia and Q-Bert all signed up, with others falling over in the rush to get on the ‘Hang the Dj’ bandwagon.
— Rachel Monroe, ID Magazine